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19 November 2014 Author : 

Knife maker for over ten years, Derrick Wulf holds a Journeyman Smith rating in the American Bladesmith Society in 2013.

He currently lives in Germany but his knives, often the subject of publications in famous magazines, are appreciated all over the world.
His passion in knifemaking was born of a combination of several influences from his childhood, including an early appreciation of art and antiques instilled by his mother, as well as a passion for the outdoors, adventure and survival, all of which somehow culminated in an appreciation for fine cutlery.
Derrick began collecting antique pocket knives when he was still quite young, and he approached custom knives when he was in his early twenties. It was not long after that that he began learning how to make them on his own.
Derrick forges all his blades, and employs simple carbon steels like W1, W2, and 1084 for many of his knives, but also uses more complex alloys like L6 and S7 for large choppers and axes. He also makes his own damascus and stainless / carbon laminates for some of his higher end pieces.

Ultimately, however, the most important of Derrick's consideration is the performance of the knife, so he tries to choose the best steel and heat treatment methods for the intended use of the knife that he's creating.
The focus on the quality and performance of each of his knives is also demonstrated by the unconditional guarantee associated with it, which clearly covers all uses for which knife is intended.
Another of Derrick's commendable aspects is his policy regarding the selection of his blades designs. Indeed he specifically wrote on his official website that he will not copy the designs of other makers, he also adds that as a matter of professional and artistic integrity he will only build knives or tools that meet his own performance standards and design criteria.
Although he often finds himself inspired by the work of other makers, both contemporary and historical, he always try to use that inspiration to develop and refine his own designs and build something uniquely his own. He thinks that the designing of a knife is one of the most challenging and most rewarding aspects of
being a custom knifemaker, and quite frankly he doesn't think he'd enjoy making knives if it were not for that creative element.


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