New tests on tactical flashlights

28 October 2019 Author : 

Like cutting tests for knives, flashlights tests are the discriminating component between aesthetics and actual functionality.

New tests will be added to the usual flashlight reviews; it is clear that a practical test is a fundamental added value both for those approaching the first purchase but also for the expert user, looking for a product more suitable for his needs.

The first practical test was carried out on two previously reviewed products, specifically the Nitecore MH25GTS, the P18 with the addition of a best seller from the Chinese company, the P10GT.

The tests were performed, at the TSN of Varese, by the author and 3 shooting instructors of different experience: a master instructor and an istructor belonging to the Carabinieri ( one of the Italian law enforcement agency). Through a comparative sheet each participant, at the end of the test, expressed his opinion regarding the following parameters: size, access and management of the controls, manageability and functionality of the light levels.

Here are our evaluations:

- Nitecore MH25GTS
The flashlight wins above all for the dimensions suitable for large and small hands. The presence of the tactical ring (removable) favors some shooting techniques and ensures a good grip. The light levels allow a varied use, but the controls are not easy: in fact, to reach the selection button you need to change the grip and the small button is not easily operated, especially when wearing gloves.

- Nitecore P18
The monolithic body and the particular shape of the P18 are a strong point; the pocket clip similar to that used for folding knives make it suitable for everyday use. The adjustment of the luminous intensities integrated in the power button makes the use more intuitive and fast even if a little practice is required. The red light is a very valid option for reading documents, avoiding glare problems. The negative side is the shape of the flashlight itself: the monolithic body does not include a radiator near the head and prolonged use significantly warms the hand.

- Nitecore P10GT
Despite not being a recent model and having "only" 900 lumens of maximum intensity, the P10GT collects the favors of all participants. The controls are adjusted using the two buttons at the top of the torch, thus avoiding a change of grip. Direct access to the strobe is an added value and important matter for those working in security. The criticism goes to the reduced dimension that penalize those with big hands.

For all three products the light intensities proved to be adequate for the defensive context, for which they were conceived.

We would like to thank the president of TSN Varese Mauro Terzi for his hospitality and Luciano Conti, Angelo Rutelli and Michele Milillo for their contribution to the tests.


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