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13 December 2021 Author : 

Riccardo Caregnato, an accredited CIC member since 2016, started making knives as self-taught in 2012, driven by passion and the desire to be able to create what since his childhood were objects of desire.

As with many knife makers and knife lovers, Riccardo's passion accompanies him since he was a child:

"Even as a child at school, I remember that during the lessons I drew knives ... I had the notebooks covers and every free space on the sheets full of knives. Those were the days when I was reading Zagor and other comics heroes who had a knife hanging from their belt ... knife was an object of desire that in those years was only a dream, due to age and economic possibilities"

Riccardo creates his blades by stock removal, preferring steels such as 440C, N690, Niolox, D2, K720, while for the handles he uses fine woods or G10.

When we asked him which type of blades he prefers and why, Riccardo replied:

"People ask me to create bushcraft, outdoor and hunting knives that I love to do because they are used and I always receive positive feedback on the quality of my knives...It is very satisfying. "

Furthermore the knife maker, in collaboration with Sandro Martinelli (Master and instructor of self-defense, as well as creator of S.G.S. EXTREMA RATIO combat system), creates an exclusive customized versions of the combat knife Doge 107.

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