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31 October 2019 Author : 

The European Knife Association, to be established, has now become a necessity for the world of blade enthusiasts, due to the increase throughout Europe of the unnecessarily restrictive laws that regulate the purchase, possession, transport and carry of knives by honest citizens.

Indeed, it is the latter who do not consider knives as a weapon, but only as a tool. The increase in legislative restrictions, do not discourage the criminal use of a knife, they limit only the freedom of honest people to be able to use knives for what they are: tools!

EKA is therefore proposed as a means of divulgation for the passion related to the world of blades, with the aim of creating a European lobby to protect this passion, also opening discussions with local and European politicians to stop the increase in legislation and restrictions in this area, before it's too late!
To do this, we need your support! If you are a knife enthusiast, a collector, a European producer, a knife maker or a retailer, join us by subscribing to our newsletter. We aim to establish the association at the latest in 2020.

To subscribe to the newsletter, visit EKA website:

Founding commitee:

Alessandra De Santis – Italy
Arthur Brehm – Germany
Christoph Verstappen – Belgium
Henk Hakvoort – The Netherlands

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