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Hobbyist knife maker from Cerveteri (Rome, Italy), Marco Villella Rodio started his career as knife maker in 2015, driven by the passion for blades that accompanies him since he was a child and that was transmitted to him by his grandfather.

Like many other young knife makers who live in the province of Rome, also for Marco (born in 1989) the meeting with the maker Pasquale De Bartolomeo was a source of inspiration and encouragement, besides being a valid support to learn knife making art.

Subsequently Marco also had the privilege of meeting Vincenzo Balistreri, who suggested some techniques for folding knives making and introduced him to the use of the pantograph.

Marco works mainly by stock removal, using stainless steels such as N690Co, RWL34, M390 and some small creation with S110V steel. Sometimes it also delights in forging, using C70, K720, 1095, O1, etc. Like many other knife makers, he started with fixed blade knives, especially kitchen knives, but later he devoted himself mainly to folding knives making with a liner-lock or frame-lock mechanism.
As handle materials, Marco prefers to use titanium, micarta and carbon fiber, but he often uses also stabilized and root woods.

He mainly creates knives with his own designed, but sometimes he also produces knives on commission while still maintaining his personal taste.

Maker Facebook page: Villella knives

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