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15 November 2021 Author : 

Stefano Caccin, a young hobbyist knife maker (born in 1989), started making his first knives in 2016 when, dissatisfied with the products on the market, he decided to creating blades with his own hands.

Stefano's passion for knives has always accompanied him: "I remember that I bought the first knife secretly, when I was 10 years old, and I still keep it with me".

Completely self-taught, Stefano makes his knives mainly by stock removal, but sometimes also by forging. He prefers carbon steels, such as K720 and 1095, but also uses N690, 12C27, Niolox, and sintered steels. For the handles he loves using carbon fiber and various colored acrylic resins, because as he himself says "the important thing is that they be noticed!".

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