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Fulvio Felice Cuccurullo, born in 1990, has undertaken his career as a knife maker in 2016 driven by his passion for this art

as he confessed to us:

"For me the passion for knives was immediately something profound and ancestral, a movement that comes from within and that reconnects to the roots of human history; a passion that has come to reveal itself as a "daimon" in my life."

Fulvio mainly works by stock removal, but he is determined to grapple also in the art of bladesmithing.

In his self-taught path, the study of the great masters was important, starting with Scagel and then finding his inspiration in Wheeler, Lurquin, Regel, and others. Fulvio also wrote us:

"Perhaps even more important was the participation to Italian and international exhibitions, where I was able to confront, learn and meet fantastic people animated by a deep passion and find support and friendship in the "BIK" family."

Fulvio devotes much time to the scientific study of steels and related heat treatments. For his work he prefers the use of carbon steels in view of his passion for creating hamon, so the choice often falls on 1095, w1, w2, 125sc steels but he also uses stainless steels, especially those of the Sandvik family.
As for the handles, he loves experimenting with both stabilized woods and synthetic materials, then moving on to valuable and exclusive materials such as ivory and mammoth teeth and rare roots.

The types of knives that he prefers to create are fixed blade with bowie style or in any case fighter knives, but he also lets his imagination and the study of geometries lead him to design blades able to tackle the most disparate tasks, from skinner to bushcraft, up to competition knives.

Maker Facebook Page: Cuccurullo Custom Knives

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