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30 April 2019 Author : 

Growing up with a passion for firearms and knives, Pasquale De Bartolomeo started making knives as an hobby in 2009.

Pasquale has undertaken this art completely as an autodidact and what he has learned is mainly due to experience, errors and experimentation. During this time, however, thanks to various knife forums and friendships with other makers, he was able to confront and receive useful tips.
He mainly creates robust blades with a generous size, preferring to employ stainless steels such as RWL34, M390, S90V, NitroB, N690 and Elmax, but sometimes Pasquale also uses damascus or sanmai. For handles he
generally employs natural materials such as stabilized burls, but he doesn't exclude the use of synthetic materials such as carbon fiber and micarta.
Pasquale generally doesn't make knives on commission, preferring to realize his own designs according to his personal taste and depending on the predilection for certain blade types.

It is with stubbornness and tenacity that Pasquale has achieved his dream of creating knives, readjusting the manufacturing techniques to his own needs since a motorcycle accident resulted in the loss of function of an arm.
We borrow Cleonice Parisi's words to express our admiration for Pasquale, to whom we dedicate these lines:

Obstinate is the successful man, flying high in his dreams regardless of the headwinds that slap in his face; confident is the victorious, because he never bows his head in front of a large troop, he knows that the coward has already lost before he lifted up his sword, and never will that word be used in conjunction with his name.
Great is all of humanity that goes unknowing towards an uncertain tomorrow, holding in one's heart the hope of a better life. Therefore both man's determination to succeed and the confidence of the victorious is there to remind you all that there are no insurmountable obstacles to those who choose to chase a dream.
Full speed ahead, no one is who they are believed to be. Remember this: "you are". 

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