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26 April 2019 Author : 

Elvis Stepcic, a very young knife maker from Istria born in '93, began to be involved in the world of knives when he still attended the school, and he started making his first creations in 2011.

Member of the A.C.H.I. (Associazione Coltellini Hobbisty Italiani - Italian hobbyists knife maker association ) and enrolled in the ABS as an apprentice since 2016, Elvis began his career as a self-taught bladesmith, to then he was lucky to meet Alberto Favero, who initiated and instructed him in forging damascus. He also had the opportunity to attend courses with Hank Knickmayer, Dario Quartini and others.

When he began his path as bladesmith, he mainly used steel recovered from leaf spring, files and bearings, but in his current production he used steels such as 80crv2 (w. 1.2235), 52100 (100cr6), k720, c80 and 15n20, particularly the last three for the production of damascus.
For the handles of his creations, Elvis prefers natural materials such as wood, but sometimes also uses synthetic materials.

His creations are mainly focused on small-medium size knives, with a functional design but without losing sight of the aesthetic factor.

The hope and wish is that young talented artists like Elvis will approach craft activities to keep this tradition alive.

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