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10 July 2014 Author : 

Jerry Hossom started making knives more than 25 years ago, and became fulltime knife maker since 1997, at age 56, deciding to make a change in his life, and focus it on what matters most and what he enjoys: his family and making knives.

For the latter, his style is unique and unmistakable, to the point that, in a short time, his talent and original designs of his blades, made him famous all over the world.


Hossom's goal has always been to create knives that are functional, durable and beautiful at the same time, objective that was fully achieved in each one of his creations.
He collaborated as designer with famous companies like Spyderco Inc. and Boker, and also with other brands (such as Pro Tool Industries and Fox Cutlery).
We would like to include an Hossom's quotation, which reflects his admirable thoughts on custom knives:

"There is just nothing on the shelf that compares with a real Custom Knife. It instills in you, its owner, confidence in its capacities and pride in its ownership. It’s a knife in which you take great pleasure whenever you pull it from its sheath for your friends to admire. And at some future time, years hence, it will become a cherished family heirloom. Your son will proudly hold it in his hand one day, and say to others, “That was my Dad’s.“ He’ll remember how well that handle fit your hand, ...and is just a little large for his own."

And also:

"You’ll know for certain when you pick it up, sensing the knife is unique the moment you grasp the handle and raise the point — something about the way it fits your hand, presenting the blade in a way that tells you it’s ready. The knife will communicate with you, and you will hear its voice.
And that is the nature of the best..."

We can not add anything to what he wrote, but one thing is certain: Hossom is first of all a great person, and after a real knife maker.

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