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Kevin Casey, renowned bladesmith and knife maker from USA, is universally known for his beautiful and original Feather Damascus pattern and for the classic and refined lines of his knives.

His passion for knifemaking is a culmination of skill sets learned throughout his life. In his early years he was drawn to working with metal and discovered the craft of blacksmithing and, among other art forms, bronze casting for sculptural work.

In the spring of 1998 he attended the American Bladesmith Society’s Intro of Bladesmithing Course at the Moran School of Bladesmithing in Arkansas, where he learned the fundamentals of the forged blade, knife geometry, forging and grinding blades, and proper heat treatments.

Later in 1998 at the Artist Blacksmith’s Association of North America conference in Ashville, NC he was taught the basics of making and forging Damascus Steel.

He was completely captivated by this process and immediately knew that he had found his medium of artistic expression- Damascus Steel. From that point on he worked with the purpose of making knives of his own creation with his own Damascus steel. Over the next few years he honed his craft and experimented with infinite ways of pattern development

His passion for making Damascus steel took another leap when he made his first Feather Damascus pattern. He has since devoted all his steel making to Feather Pattern Damascus Steel and today he continues to experiment and develop his feather steel for his blades.

“By using different layer counts, distortions of layers, types of steels and other variables I find each billet an adventure. I have on occasion tried to move on to other Damascus patterns but the pull of the Feather Pattern always brings me back to one more billet, one more variation, one more idea. It’s a wonderful trap.

I count myself as a very fortunate individual. I have found my passion in the making of steel, forging and knifemaking.

The Knifemaking community is one of great camaraderie and sharing. I have made wonderful friends worldwide, met the finest craftsmen, artisans, and collectors. It has been a privilege to participate in such a community, all the while pursuing my passion for knifemaking.” K.Casey

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