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07 November 2017 Author : 

Edoardo Gallo, class of 1996, has begun very young in getting passionate about the world of knives.

He made his first steps in 2015, at the age of 19, when he was overwhelmed by the ability of the masters to forge blades, thus deciding to immerse himselves in this art.

In a very short time, after studied the forging techniques, Edoardo made his first knives, initially with makeshift equipment, and then gradually improved, with sacrifice and dedication, and also purchased a belt sander and a heat treatment oven . For the first year, the young knife maker made his pieces entirely handcrafted, until it matured the decision to turn his manual milling machine (which was used solely to create guards and bolsters) into a CNC Milling Machine.
After Edoardo being passionate about 3D CAD drawing, was born the "Amoeba" project , a frame-lock folder that, due to some manufacturing operation difficult to made by hand, led Edoardo to use modern machines and techniques to carry out his designs.
It took about 8 months to get a self-built CNC Milling machine, and after studying in a completely self-taught way, the G-code machine language Edoardo finally managed to complete his project, presenting it in October 2017.
Clearly many of the steps after the milling operations are handcrafted, just as Edoardo performs by himself all thermal treatments and the various types of surface finishing (mirror polished ,satined, stonewashed, and so on).
Edoardo prefers the lines of traditional Japanese blades, but has also experimented with classic Loveless-style designs, up to more modern shapes with his own designs.
Edoardo's dream is that one day his passion can turn into a job. Knife making is a school of perseverance, and Edoardo has demonstrated with determination to be able to go along with his only forces, achieving very good results in a short time. We support Edoardo so that he, with humility and passion, pursues his journey and realizes his dream.

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