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04 July 2014 Author : 

Full time knife maker from South Africa, Wayne Morgan creates high quality hand forged knives.

He has always been obsessed with knives, as long as he can remember, but inizially he made his living from crafts making boomerangs and ceramics works.
The shapes, finishes and materials of his knives are extremely furnished in great detail; he also created very original fileworks on his knives. Also the sheaths are hand made by Wayne, in a very prestigious way.
He loves that knife making gives him the opportunity to work with a variety of materials: Bone, wood, steels (generally Bohler K460, 5160, 1070) and also the leather work on the sheaths. Living in South Africa he has available to him some beautiful African hard woods, horns and giraffe bones.

Creativity, talent and ability are without any doubt the most important resources of Wayne, which creates each knife with passion and dedication.

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