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21 April 2014 Author : 

Knife maker since 2011, Dmitry Popov started his passion for blades in 2010 when he decided to make kydex sheath.

He designed and constructed himself a press, bought a simple bench grinder and an arbor press. Once he learnt to make sheaths the natural progression was to try to make a knife.
He has always been fascinated by edged tools and he thinks that there is something innate and primal in all of us that draws us towards handmade tools.
He mainly produces modern tactical knives, and he uses powdered stainless steels – CPM 154, CPM S30V and CPM S35VN as well carbon steels such as 1084 and 1095. He is currently experimenting with AEB-L.
In terms of handle materials, he works with synthetic materials like G10, micarta and carbon fibre. He also uses stabilized wood like Spalted maple, Box Elder and Amboyna – he thinks that these woods have a lot of character and warmth and look stunning on the right knife.

Because to him perfection is not to be perfect but to achieve potentiality that is close to perfection, Dmitry climbs the ladder to success thanks to his determination and desire to improve himself every day.
Indeed he said to us: " I still have a lot to learn and this will never change – no man can ever truly master this art. There are just too many things to learn in a single lifetime."
And he added:

"I dedicate a lot of time to fine details – things that you will not notice when you first look at the knife…but these are the things that make the knife."

As Leonardo da Vinci said, "Details make perfection, and perfection is not a detail", and we cannot add more.


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