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Bobby Branton, who grew up in the countryside of South-Carolina, has always been attracted and fascinated by the world of the blades since he was young, developing a passion especially for throwing knives - a sport that in the ensuing years has made him famous throughout the world.

He began collecting knives, after being impressed by some handcrafted pieces seen in a local store; his interest began to grow more and more, leading him to read up every book he could find.
His perspective towards the knives was changing and in 1985 began to take shape what was to become a brilliant career in the world of handmade knives.
His unique style, inspired by his friendship with the knife makers George Herron, Walter Brend and the famous Master bladesmith James Crowell, has made him famous worldwide.
Thanks to his knowledge, skill and passion, Bobby Branton has quickly achieved success and in 1992, during the Blade Show in Atlanta, he received the title of "Journeyman Bladesmith" from 'American Bladesmith Society.
His production ranges from tactical folding knives, small and medium sized fixed blade knives, in addition to his famous throwing knives, each one made with the ultimate goal of providing to all fans and users quality tools at affordable prices (as stated in Branton’s slogan).

Parallel to his knife maker career, Bobby continues to cultivate his youthful passion for knife throwing, excelling in this field and he has become a legend.
He has made throwing knives for famous artists like Paul Lacross and Che Che WhiteCloud, known as the fastest knife thrower in the world.
Bobby Branton, as well as having created his own throwing knives and spreading the knowledge of this fascinating sport through seminars and consultations for the world of Hollywood (remember for example the film Bandidas), he has been president of the ''American Knife Throwers Alliance" with the idea of passing on this passion and tradition for future generations.

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