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20 August 2014 Author : 

Lorenzo Gamba was born in Marone (Brescia, Italy) on 1954.When he was only 16 years old, with the help of his uncle, he was introduced to the art of engraving.

He attended the engraving workshop of Cesare Giovanelli and had lessons with the greatest engravers. There he learned numerous techniques, such as fine English scrollwork and gold-inlay. He also learned the fundamental techniques for drawing on firearms. Every piece of work is a new project. First of all a drawing is made on paper, so as to give the customer a visual idea of what the final engraving will be. The customer can make a choice of engravings with different techniques, depending on the subjects required, ranging from animals of every kind to portraits etc. Lorenzo Gamba engraves on shotguns and rifles, as well collectors’ knives, and gold inlay (on any type of material) for the gunmakers in Gardone V.T. (Brescia) - U.S.A. - England - Russia - Ukraine - Sweden - Germany - Austria - Belgium - Spain and others.

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