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10 April 2017 Author : 

"From my Russian roots my artefacts draw their unique style, whereas from Italy, my foster land, they draw the technique and precision renowned all over the world" V.Quaranta

A young engraver of Russian origin, Vitalij Quaranta embarked on the path of engraver when he was just fifteen. It was at the end of the third year of middle school when a meeting was organised with the Master engraver Giulio Trimpini, who aroused in Vitalij the desire and passion to learn this beautiful art.
In 2003 Vitalij decided to enrol in the engraving school of Gardone Valtrompia (Italy), famous throughout the world and in which most of Italian and foreign Master Engravers have studied.
Under the skillfull guidance of Master engraver Dario Contini, Vitalij learned the techniques of bit and hammer, bulino, gold inlay and chiseling.
After 10 years of determined and passionate study, Vitalij has opened his own business and has begun making exclusive handmade creations in his laboratory.


(Photo Credit: Tanghetti Cristian)

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