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23 March 2021 Author : 

Powerful and versatile, the new MH25S is a good flashlight useful in disparate situations even if its natural vocation is the outdoors.

The MH25 model is one of the most popular and successful models of the Chinese brand Nitecore, which is also evident from the numerous updates it has received over time.

Its success is given by the right balance between its compact size and a reflector, that allows lighting at rather interesting distances. In line with the P series (precision) dedicated to the tactical sector, the MH25S (acronym for Multitask Hybrid Series) has been raised to a maximum power of 1800 lumens, guaranteed by the 5,000 mAh NL2150 rechargeable battery with a maximum distance of the light beam of 504 meters.
As previously mentioned, the Nitecore MH25S, with a 15.7 cm long body, is particularly easy to handle and transport. The flashlight is switched on via the tail cap equipped with two operating systems: momentary on for short signals, and constant light.

The light level selection button is located near the head of the flashlight and, unlike the rubber tail cap, it is made of metal and housed in such a way as to avoid inadvertent pressures during use. There are five light levels available: 1800, 1050, 300, 50 and 1 lumen ensuring a rather wide range of use and it is also possible to set a choice of brightness levels. Through the selection button you can access three special functions: strobe, beacon and SOS.

The possibility of being able to recharge the battery via the USB-C port is a nice detail, as the integrated potentiometer with led indicator that indicate the residual charge battery.

The flashlight body is made in aeronautical aluminum, black anodized HAIII type with military specifications, and it's very robust; the external processing guarantees an excellent grip both with bare hands and with gloves on, while the terminal part, in correspondence with the head, acts as a radiator for further heat dissipation. The significant difference in diameter between the body and the head provides an aid to an instinctive grip of the flashlight and, when used as an impact tool, prevents the hand from slipping forward.

Nitecore MH25S is resistant to water according to the IP68 standard (up to 2m deep for 30min) and to falls up to one meter in height.
As in most Nitecore products, the lenses undergo anti-scratch treatment on both sides and PDOT (Precision Digital Optics Technology), for a better light quality. The integrated ATR (Advanced Temperature Regulation) technology ensures constant temperature regulation of the circuits during use.

In the package there are, in addition to the battery, the clip, the wrist strap, a spare o-ring, an adapter for 18650 batteries, the USB charging cable and a nylon sheath.
The retail price of the Nitecore MH25S is € 125.

Given the multitasking nature of the MH25S, Nitecore also includes this model in the tactical line, so we carried out our tests in two contexts: during a shooting session (at the TSN in Busto Arsizio), and in the open area to be able to evaluate its real potential in terms of depth of illumination.
The 4 cm diameter reflector provides a very good light beam, resulting almost excessive (if used at maximum intensity) for short distance engagement; the different position between the power button and the selection button doesn't allow a quick change of light, except by varying the grip on flashligth. On the other hand, it becomes very interesting if mounted on a rifle, adding the indispensable peripheral switch, available in the brand's aftermarket. Applied to the outdoors, the flashlight expresses its characteristics to the maximum, providing excellent central and peripheral vision. The nylon sheath is easily adaptable to belts of different heights and the weight of about 150 grams (battery included) is not excessive. The price, given the characteristics and the solutions adopted, is very good.


Brand: Nitecore
Led: 1x Luminus SST-40-W with a life cycle of 50,000 hours
Operating Modes: 5 light modes and 3 special modes, all electronically adjusted
Powers and Durations: 1800 Lumens (0.45h) -> 1050 Lumens (3.15h) -> 300 Lumens (7.15h) -> 50 Lumens (45h) -> 1 Lumens (1500h) -> Strobo -> Beacon -> S.O.S.
Maximum illumination distance: 504m.
Power on: Rear button with "Momentary On" system for light signals
Light selection method: Front button located under the head
Lens: ultra clear hardened glass with anti-reflective treatment
Batteries: (included): 1x 21700 3.6V NL2150 - also compatible with 1x 18650 Li-Ion 3.6 / 3.7V or 2x CR123 3.0 / 3.6 / 3.7V
Measurements: 15.7cm (L) - 2.54cm (D stem) - 4.0cm (D head) - 2.72cm (D tang)
Weight: 130.7g. without batteries
Water resistance: as per IP68 standard, submersible up to 2m. depth for 30min.
Impact resistance: withstands drops from 1m in height
Made in China

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