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11 January 2014 Author : 

When George Brackett retired from his career in 2011, he became an Apprentice Member of the American Bladesmith's Society.

The art of bladesmithing, which has a history of thousands years, arouses strong feelings in every one of us thanks to the mixture of art and science.
George took the American Bladesmith’s Society Introduction to Bladesmithing class to learn how to forge knives with Mastersmiths Burt Foster and Jason Knight. After that class he attended 2 Hammer-Ins and a Dooms Day Knife class with Mastersmith Jason Knight. His latest class has been Handles & Guards with MS Jim Rodebaugh. Now in February 2014 he's looking forward to a Frame Handles class with Mastersmith Steve Dunn.
About 25% of his work is using recycled steels such as rasps, files, leaf springs and rail road spikes.
The knifemaker uses basic high carbon steels like 1084, 1095, 1075, and also tool steel O1 for some smaller knives.

For handles he uses all types of materials depending on the request of the end user or the intended use of the knife. His favorite pins and guard materials are 416 stainless steel and carbon fiber. He makes a lot of rustic and "Brut de Forge"style knives.
It is said that desire is the product of the will, but in reality the opposite is true: the will is the product of desire (Denis Diderot), and it is thanks to this determination that George aspires to his professional goal of earning the rating of Journeyman Smith in the American Bladesmith Society.
As a NRA Certified Instructor and Glock Certified Armorer his passion is split between Knives and Firearms.

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