Montejano Antonio Nieto

21 August 2014 Author : 

Master craftsman from Albacete and engraver of international fame using the "strong water" technique.

The passion for the art of engraving was transmitted to him by his father, in turn engraver of prestige. He embarked on this way at the age of 20 years, with an intense study not only of the engraving technique but also of the various styles and periods (such as Renaissance, Art Nouveau, etc..), drawing inspiration primarily from the architecture field.
At the age of 33 years he made and engraved his first knife, getting a good result already to the point that he won first prize at the Regional Contest of Cutlery, organized by APRECU, and later his work was exhibited at the Albacete's Museum of Cutlery , motivating him to continue on his path.
In 2005, he interrupted his work as knifemaker, devoting himself exclusively to the art of engraving, bringing important innovations to his technique.
Currently his works with "strong water" technique, are recognized at the highest international level.

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