Unfortunately, also in the world of blades, there is the counterfeit market of main brands knives.
Generally these fakes are being offered on Chinese online stores, but also on several online stores apparently beyond suspicion.
As a first suggestion you have to be wary of products sold at excessively low prices, in addition, if the seller does not guarantee the authenticity of the knife, it is better to look more closely at every detail of the product, comparing them with the photos of original products that are always on producers offical websites.
Unfortunately, it is becoming increasingly difficult to distinguish original products from fakes, because in the latter are given false information - written on blades or packaging - about places of production (although the fake knives are made in China - and Asia in general - they are marked with the place of production which appears onto original models); it is notice that also fake knives have serial numbers, just like the originals.
Here are some conterfeit knives of prestigious brands. In some cases we make comparison with the original product.

We make an appeal to knives enthusiasts to be careful not to raise the counterfeit market that are hurting honest businesses in favor of those who enrich themselves by doing commercial parasitism by exploiting innovative and inventive efforts of others to gain benefit in a completely illegitimate way.


Fake Extrema-Ratio

20 April 2017 Author : 

Generally many of counterfeit Extrema Ratio's knives are made in Asia but will display the Extrema Ratio name on the blade and say that they are "Made in Italy". The fakes even have fake serial numbers.

Chinese website sold an almost complete inventory of "Extrema Ratio" knives; see official website to verify knife model; furthermore on Chinese website or onto ebay indicate that Extrema Ratio knives are now being made in China. THIS IS NOT TRUE. Extrema Ratio knives are only made in Italy.

The following material was provided to us directly by Extrema Ratio.


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