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10 May 2019 Author : 

"Never the same", this is the Olamic Cutlery motto to indicate the handicraft production and the endless possibilities of customization made available to the customer.

Olamic Cutlery, located in Visalia (California), is a particularly young family-run company. They started in 2010 to produce fixed blade knives and only in 2013 starting to create folding knives. As is clearly shown in their biography, the goal is craft production (they don't use CNC machining, for example) using modern materials. Each knife produced by them is numbered and comes with a certificate of authenticity.

The folding knives currently in Olamic's catalog are seven; the smallest one is the Busker, which we will analyze in our review.

Through the built assistant on the Company website, it is possible to compose your own knife, with the possibility of selecting the shape and finish of the blade, the type of handle, hardware color, the backspacer and pocket clip style, this to underline the uniqueness of the piece developed on customer tastes.

The Busker is our starting model: M390 stainless steel blade, 65 mm long and 3.5 mm thick. It is possible to choose between four different blade configurations: the knife at our disposal features a modified Sheepfoot blade shape, characterized by a curved cutting edge. In the second one, the blade has two different grinding planes. As an alternative to the M390, you can also choose the Damasteel. Once you have identified the preferred configuration, you can choose between five different types of finishes.

The Busker blade is opened through the elliptical hole or through the front flipper. The jimpings on the first portion of blade spine, in addition to favoring the action of the flipper tab, guarantees grip to the thumb once the blade is open. Blade rotation is extremely fluid and fast thanks to the ceramic ball bearings. The knife features a frame-lock mechanism with a steel insert.

The handle is made of 6AL-4V titanium and even in this case the possibility of customization is wide, ranging from the number of lightening holes, the color or even from the possibility of choose inlays of different materials. There are also numerous colors and styles available for the backspacer, for the pocket clip with a ceramic sphere and hardware (strictly in titanium).

Despite its small size, the Busker is quite handy also thanks to the considerable thickness of 10.5 mm.

We photographed two of these exclusive models at Coltelleria Collini, which is its Italian official dealer. The excellent level of workmanship is immediately evident, in particular the contrast between the acid-green anodised and mirror-polished inner scales and the satin external surface. As the shape of the blade changes, the Busker takes on a different character, without distorting the general design.

The extreme customization possibility (we are talking about millions of combinations!), the craftsmanship, the used materials and the generosity of the thicknesses make the Olamic Busker, a gentleman's knife par excellence and an amazing collector's item.
The quality, rightly, has a price and for this type of knife is around € 775.


Manufacturer: Olamic Cutlery, U.S.A. www.olamiccutlery.com
Type: folding knife, frame-lock
Blade: sheepfoot (four different shapes)
Opening: manual, front flipper
Steel: M390
Blade length: 65 mm
Blade thickness: 3.5 mm
Total length (open): 152 mm
Length (closed): 88 mm
Handle: titanium
Pocket clip: titanium with ceramic ball.
Weight: 76 grams

Made in U.S.A.

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