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21 September 2015 Author : 

New for this year in Kizlyar Supreme range are the steel training knives

Training knives are very useful tools for martial arts disciplines which require the use of cold weaponry during training. The construction materials range from rubber (more or less rigid) to aluminum, up to the pragmatic steel knives, designed by Kizlyar Supreme and produced in collaboration with Tolpar knife training clubs in Russia.
The alloy used is the Russian 30hgsa, a construction steel, and the shape of the knife faithfully reproduces the real Kizlyar Supreme's knives, in our case the Alpha model we have already tested.

All blade edges of the simulacrum were rounded to eliminate the possibility of causing wounds from excoriation, while the handle is identical to those of the real knife but of orange coloring; another interesting feature is the full compatibility of the training knife with sheath knives belonging to the Kizlyar Supreme tactical series.

The purpose of using a steel knife is to ensure a greater realism to training, using a tool of the same weight to the real one, something that rubber and aluminum knives do not allow. Furthermore, considering the danger of using a heavy and rigid tool, which can potentially cause deep bruising trauma but also breaking the fingers, you will have more fear of facing an armed opponent, bringing training to an upper level.

Clearly the difference in construction materials of the trainer implies a different approach: while the rubber knives can be considered relatively less damaging, at the same time they do not allow a more faithful simulation feedback during handling.
An extreme example is represented by some disarming techniques typical of certain styles of Philippines Martial Arts involving a lever on the flat part of the blade using the back of the forearm (surely an emergency technique, but which may be valid if it is executed by a well trained person). With a rubber knife it would be impossible to train such techniques in a proper manner.

As regards to stabbing techniques, using the Kizlyar Supreme's training knife it is necessary to wear the appropriate protections to the torso and throat, as the blade, even though it is rounded, may cause serious trauma during sessions that include the use of weapons of full strength. Highly recommended (we could say almost a must) are eye protection goggles with suitable polymeric materials when training with knives (independently by materials), but in the case of the steel trainer we also suggest the use of protections for your forearms to avoid too deep bruising.
This emphasis on reporting a potential risk of injury during training is balanced by a simulation close to 100% as to the weight and confidence felt that the training knife gives to the practicing: basic elements for appropriate training to fencing knife. During the test in specific workouts the feelings with the Alpha trainer were more than positive.

To meet market demand, the new versions of Kizlyar Supreme's training knives are made with stain finish blade and black handle, and the model available are: Aggressor, Trident and Delta.

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