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Lightweight, easy to use and with an intensity of up to 400 lumens, the INFORCE APL Gen3 is very interesting tactical flashlight.

Through the INFORCE brand, the American Emissive Energy Corp., produces and distributes tactical flashlights dedicated to military / defensive use. In their catalog we find three ranges of products: rilfe/carabine flashlights, those for pistols and handheld lights.
We had the opportunity to test one of flashlight model for pistols, thanks to Tactical Pro Italia of Laveno Mombello, distributor of the INFORCE brand for Italy.

The APL (Auto Pistol Light) Gen3 is the largest pistol flashlight in the INFORCE catalog and it is designed to be perfectly integrated with Picatinny MIL-STD 1913, Glock and most of the main firearms brands.

With a polymer body made in GRP (glass reinforced polymer), 7.7 cm long and 2.9 cm wide, the INFORCE APL is well suited to pistols with a barrel of at least 4.5 inches. The polymer body significantly reduces the weight that, including the battery, is of around 84 grams.

The outer diameter of the head is 2.7 cm. The ambidextrous pads, extremely gripping, perform the function of power on and selection controls. It is adapted to the gun rail by an adjustable screw jaw, while a removable insert provides an additional stop to on the rail. The battery (included in the package) is a Lithium CR123A. Available colors are black or flat dark earth.

The APL has two functions: continuous light and momentary switch. To switch between them, just hold down one of the two switches for more than a second and then release. In the case of long periods of inactivity, just turn the head of a quarter, to avoid battery discharging; while the latter is replaced by completely unscrewing the flashlight head.

The practical test was carried out at the TSN of Busto Arsizio by five different instructors. To make performance more consistent and realistic, we tested a reactive target supplied to us by Underdog Tactical. The Echo advanced target is activated with motion sensor or remotely opening and closing, making the engagement of the shape more instinctive and less predictable.

The pistol used for the test is a Springfield XDm 9x21, but we applied the APL flashlight on a Glock 17 and a Heckler & Koch without any difficulty.

The APL flashlight has proved to live up to expectations: the 400 lumen light beam, especially over short distances (from 4 to 10 meters), is concentrated allowing the clear vision of the target. The reduced weight of the APL does not negatively affect both the slow targeted shot and the fastest sessions. The power on pads offer an excellent tactile reference even with gloves.

The INFORCE APL Gen3 convinces for its ease of use and lightness; the 400 lumens allow the rapid recognition and acquisition of the illuminated target, especially over short distances and in confined spaces. The only suggestion for future buyers is to pay attention to the correct positioning of the flashlight on pistol rail, in order to reach the pads without changing the grip on firearm.

The retail price of the INFORCE APL Gen3 is € 189, and can be purchased in Italy and Europe at Tactical Pro Italia www.tacticalpro-it.com

Many thanks to Pierangelo Pluchino (Tactical Pro Italia), Massimiliano Grimoldi (Busto Arsizio TSN president), Michele Milillo, Riccardo Castiglioni and Pierclaudio Scalvini, Matteo Ferraguti (Underdog Tactical – www.underdogtac.com).

Brand: INFORCE - inforce-mil.com
Model: APL
Master Distributor Europe: Tactical Pro Italia - www.tacticalpro-it.com

Operating Modes: 2 different operating modes
Power and Durations: 400 lumens (1h 30min)
Power on method: double switch, ambidextrous, located at the flashlight sides
Light variation method: double switch, ambidextrous, located on the flashlight sides
Body: GRP Glass Reinforced Polymer
Finish: black or flat dark earth
Batteries: CR123A Lithium battery
Measurements: 7,7cm (Length) - 2,9cm (Width)
Weight: 84g. with battery inserted
Accessories: -
Waterproof: water resistant
Notes: Universal coupling slide, compatible with Picatinny MIL-STD 1913 systems

Made in U.S.A.

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