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30 January 2019 Author : 

The latest new product from Nitecore stands out for its technological innovation and unusual shape: the TUP, winner of the "Most innovative flashlight 2019" award at the Shot Show.

The term EDC (Every day carry) refers to those objects that, by necessity or for pure personal pleasure, accompany us in our daily activities. Today there are many pages of discussion on social networks where, from the bank employee to the most fierce survivalist, they are confronted on purchases and photos of their sets.
Knives and tools of any kind are the protagonists and certainly do not escape also the flashlights. Depending on the use of the latter category, we encounter a really wide range of offers. The latest new product from Nitecore stands out for its technological innovation and unusual shape: the TUP.

With only 53.2 grams of weight and 7 cm of length, the Nitecore TUP is not surprising only for its compactness but above all for its advanced technology. In fact, it is the first keychain flashlight with a multi-function OLED Display to indicate real-time information on lumens, battery voltage, remaining charge time and locking system.

The TUP, with its unusual "parallelepiped" shape, has an aeronautical aluminum body (HA III degree of anodisation) and features, in addition to the display, the intensity selection and on / off buttons on the front. The selectable intensities are 5 of which the first 4 (from 1,15,65 and 200 lumens) programmable, that is, once selected, when the torch is turned on we will find the last programmed.

For the 1000 lumens selection the TUP has only the "turbo" function: holding down the selection key the flashlight will go to the maximum power, this in aid of both the energy expenditure of the battery, both for heating the torch itself. On the OLED display, for each selection made by the user, not only the selected lumens will appear, but also the duration of charge for that type of use. This small flashlight uses a totally transparent optical lens to guarantee a uniform and well distributed light.

There are two different operating modes called "Daily" and "Demo". While in Daily mode the flashlight remains lit at the discretion of the user, in Demo mode the lighting time will be 30 seconds (the time is scanned on the display). To avoid unwanted lighting, for example during the transport in a backpack, you can program the key lock in two different configurations (Half Lockout Mode and Full Lockout Mode).

The small size of the Nitecore allows you to choose the type of carry: in the pocket using the sturdy removable clip or as a key chain. In fact, in the lower part of the flashlight there is a ring resistant to 30 kg of traction. The key ring is also included in the package. The colors available are black and gray.

As for the other Nitecore products, the TUP has incorporated the ATR system (Advanced Temperature Regulation) to regulate the output power adapting itself to the surrounding environment and APC technology (Advanced Power Cut-Off) to reduce consumption when not in use.

The LED supplied is a CREE XP-L HD V6 LED capable of producing a maximum light of 1,000 lumens, with a maximum peak of intensity of 8.130cd and maximum illumination distance of 180 meters. The integrated 1,200mAh Li-ion battery is also equipped with an integrated charging system through a MicroUSB port (cable not included in the package); when charging, an integrated LED will show the status and will switch off automatically when the charging is completed. The charging system automatically prevents under-voltage, over voltage and has integrated protection against short-circuits.

The TUP flashlight is lightweight, pocket-sized, perfect for those who prefer "travel light" without giving up a qualitatively good and effective product. The presence of the display is certainly an added value to know in real time the percentage of charge and other infos. The NitecoreTUP looks like a great novelty.
The retail price is € 69.


Led: 1x Cree XP-L HD V6 with a life cycle of 50,000 hours
Levels of brightness: 5 light powers, selectable with the appropriate dedicated button
Powers and Durations: 1000 Lumens (0.15h.) -> 200 Lumens (3h.) -> 65 Lumens (9.45h.) -> 15 Lumens (19h.) -> 1 Lumen (70h.)
Power peak: 8130 candles
Maximum illumination distance: 180m.
Lighting method: Power on and off button
Light selection method: Bright selection button
Body: aeronautical aluminum with anodizing degree HA III
Battery: Integrated 1200mAh Li-Ion type, equipped with an integrated MicroUSB charging system
Measurements: 7.3cm (Lenght) - 2.95cm (Width,) - 2.62cm (Thick)
Weight: 53.2g. - clip and battery included
Accessories: steel ring for attaching to the key ring
Waterproof: as per IP54 standard, it resists dust and light splashes of water
Impact resistance: withstands falls from 1m in height

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