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03 September 2017 Author : 

The tactical pen, a tool definitely affordable to all of us, in most Countries can be carried at all times. Apparently it is a normal pen that can, if necessary, become a good defense tool.

Although theoretically any pen in case of emergency can be used for such purposes, there are products already in the market that are oriented to this dual function and are therefore made of more durable materials and with a more attractive design.
Among this range of products we can find S&W's tactical pen, made of 6061 anodized aluminum (available in various colors). Unlike some other products made with the same material, this pen is pleasantly light and is therefore very comfortable to carry everyday, even in the pocket of the jacket.

The pen is equipped with a screw cap, held in the closure by an o-ring seal that acts as a security against casual loosening. For convenience, the cap can be screwed on the thrusting tip while using the pen to avoid losing it.
It was also was applied to the cap a rubber tip for touch screen devices, which is definitely very practical, as well as providing a further feature to the pen.
At the other side, the pen features the thrusting pin for self-defence percussion techniques. The cone is not too sharp so as to avoid damaging the clothes when carrying the pen in pocket, and it is not obviously so dangerous to pierce during defence uses, but it is sufficient pointed to cause all the levels of pain and damage needed if used for defensive purposes.
The pen is equipped with a durable steel pocke clip, secured with two hexagon screws exactly as a clip of a pocket knife.

Pen refill is of conventional type and easy to replace. To better compatibility with a variety of brands, the inner part that accommodates the pen tip is shaped to accommodate a spring (supplied) that acts as an adapter for the various standards.

Pen surface finish is excellent, even the details are very well cared for. The non-slip cap texture is not so aggressive as to damage a pocket, but at the same time allows a good grip on the object.
This is a very interesting product, useful in everyday life, and it has a not too aggressive appearance and is made even more modern thanks to the rubber cap for touch screen devices. It is available in Europe at various online stores at a price of around 38 euros.

Some self-defence techniques with tactical pen, to keep the threat at safe distance, without inflicting highly injurious blows such as those to head and face.

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