Telescopic Baton 21''

15 October 2021 Author : 

Among the S&W branded products, manufactured under license by Taylor Brands LLC, there are telescopic batons available in various sizes (12, 16, 21 and 24 inches). We examined the 21-inch expandable baton, supplied with a black nylon rigid sheath.

The baton elements are made of steel, with an excellent surface finish made of polished black paint for corrosion protection. The blocking system of the two telescopic elements consists of the classic flat spring. The latter is well-constructed and retains the elements, which do not move from their position when fully closed.

The baton extension is quick and fluid; the cone coupling of the two elements is excellent. To test it, we made more than 20 openings and closures of the baton. The openings have been made much stronger than one required to normally extend the baton to test the resistance of the materials. The product reacted well, working properly also after tests.

Generally, telescopic batons that are not well made tend to break after 10-15 violent openings, projecting the elements and hence becoming dangerous.
The non-slip rubber grip has a very comfortable radial texture, even if wearing gloves. This configuration is also designed to facilitate standard handcuffing techniques according to the US procedure, and is ideated to don't become impregnated with OC or CS sprays in the case co-utilisation of these not lethal devices .

The baton closure bottom cap on which the flat spring holding the elements internally, has the S & W logo, the product identification code and the serial number.
Its retail price in Europe is about of 53 euros.

Overall, the quality of the materials is on average good, with a particular care for finishes. The supplied sheath is compatible with the MOLLE system, so it is more suitable for a vest rather than a belt, for which it may be too long, thus limiting the extraction speed. The sheath, on the whole, is well designed and holds the baton very well.


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