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08 June 2020 Author : 

Sturdy, aggressive, made with high-end materials, Mr Roper knife is certainly one of the most interesting and discussed projects of the Quartermaster Knives brand.

Four years after the presentation of Mantis knives, the designer Jared West founded the Quartermaster knives brand in 2012 and immediately wanted to stand out commercially for materials selection, but also for the work scrupulously cared for by skilled craftsmen and a 100% made in U.S. production.
West's starting idea was the creation of knives for armed forces personnel, hence he preferred aggressive designs and the use of rather generous thicknesses both for blades and handles.

Another peculiarity of Quartermaster are the names attributed to the products, freely taken and dedicated to characters from the TV series of the 70s and 80s, and lastly, the choice to place numbered batches on the market (that is a nice plus for collectors).

West's choices on the running of the two brands, on the properties of the designs and on the actual production in America, have long filled the knives related forums. Since 2019 Quartermaster's activity seems to have ceased, despite the fact that the products are on sale in numerous online stores and despite Mantis knives continuing its productive life.

Mr Roper is one of the best-selling (but also most controversial) knife among Quatermaster production. Over time, several versions and updates have been presented. The model examined (mod. QTR QSE 5), in particular, belongs to one of the first batches produced.

The rubbed blade, made in CPM-154CM stainless steel, has a clip point profile and it is 76 mm long with a thickness of 4.7 mm. The swedge makes the general appearance of the blade more aggressive.
On the right side of the blade there are, in addition to the brand logo, the steel used and the serial number. The blade spine has a thumb ramp with a rather fine jimping. The manual blade opening is very smooth and takes place through the hole on the blade. Mr Roper is offered in two different blade point configurations: clip point or tanto blade; also the blade finish can be chosen between rubbed (like the sample examined) or alternatively Texas Tea (black stonewashed).

In the same way as the thickness of the blade, even for the handle Quartermaster has not skimped on the material, bringing the total thickness of the knife to 12 mm. The handle scales, both in stonewashed titanium, are joined by two particular perforated steel screws, one as pivot, while the second retains the robust pocket clip (removable) also in stainless steel; this solution is present only in the first editions of the knife, while titanium pocket clips and the use of ORB type bearings were preferred in the latest models.

Despite the absence of texture on the handle scales to improve the grip on the instrument, their conformation is such as to still guarantee excellent control over the instrument.
The knife features a frame lock mechanism; to note, unfortunately, the absence of a steel insert between the titanium locking spring and the knife tang, to prevent premature wear of the materials.
Being a numbered series knife and collector's piece, we did not perform cutting tests.

The Quartermaster Mr Roper is pleasant to handle. The size and ergonomics of the handle make it usable for both small and large hands; the handle finish is very pleasant to the touch. The blade thickness does not clash with the overall proportions of the knife. From an aesthetic point of view, the pocket clip clashes for material and for the glossy finish; probably a stonewashed finish would have been more attractive.

Mr Roper comes with a certificate of authenticity showing the serial number and production date.


Manufacturer: Quartermaster knives, U.S.A.
Type: folding knife, frame lock
Blade style: clip point
Opening: manual
Steel: CPM-154CM
Blade length: 76 mm
Total length: 190mm
Handle : stonewashed titanium
Pocket clip: stainless steel
Weight: 115 g
Note: Limited Edition
Made in U.S.A.

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