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Founded in 2010, the Lithuanian TRC Knives exhibits a range of knives dedicated above all to the tactical and survival fields.

In the "Tales of men" collection, each piece in the catalog is dedicated to the exploits of a male historical character, further emphasizing the bond between man, environment and knife.

"After developing a new knife prototype, I take it to bed and sleep with the knife in my hand. I wake up in the morning knowing exactly what needs to be changed to improve the prototype."

This sentence by Andrius Tricius, owner of TRC Knives, gives a good idea of how the Company take care of their projects.

The K-1s model is a sprint run of 150 numbered pieces. This is a full-tang fixed blade knife in RWL34 sintered steel, hardened to 62 HRC. The blade, 99 mm long and 3.5 mm thick, has a drop point shape and a plain edge. The bevel is high and the blade features a small fuller, that is more aesthetic than functional.

The knife has all the edges rounded and on blade spine, near the handle, it has a fine jimpings for thumb positioning. The blade is characterized by the particular finish, called "Apocalyptic Finish", which with its colored shades tending to pink doesn't let this knife pass unnoticed.

The handle is made up of two Black Canvas micarta scales, undersized compared to the knife tang, fixed with three-hole flat-head screws. The grip of the handle is very good and the proportions between blade and handle make it easy to use the K-1s. The knife is provided with a small lanyard already tied to the hole at the bottom of the handle.

The knife comes with black leather sheath, with embossed the Company's logo, equipped with a belt loop.

To give value to this limited series, every single copy is numbered; the serial number is stamped on knife, box and certificate. In the box there is also a TRC sticker and a disposable cloth of Ballistol oil.

The TRC K-1s presents itself as an excellent adventure companion; the size is not excessive, the good balance and the steel used make it a perfect tool for hunting and outdoor activities, while also satisfying the collectors that are looking for Limited Edition knives.

TRC Knives does not disappoint; Tricius and his team develop high quality knives: the clean design and the use of high-end steels confirm the desire to create functional and durable "working tools", without sacrificing the quality of finishes and the beauty of the tool itselft. Clearly the choice of sintered steels affects the final prices of the products (even the small ones), that are placed on a high end.
The European retail price for the TRC K1-s is € 295 (according to TRC official website)


Manufacturer: TRC Knives, Lithuania -
Type: fixed blade
Blade: drop point
Steel: RWL 34 tempered at 62 HRC
Blade length: 99 mm
Blade thickness: 3.5 mm
Total length: 214 mm
Sheath: leather
Weight: 152 grams

Made in Lithuania

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