JAPANESE SWORDS: A journey into the art

17 April 2017 Author : 

Andrea Saratti, author of the book, is an avid collector of Japanese swords, as well as President of the INTK Association (Itaria Nihon Token Kyokai - Italian Association for Japanese Sword) that was established with the aim of promoting and preserving the Token culture.

Entirely devoted to a cultural icon of a nation, the traditional Japanese swords, the book - written in two languages (Italian and English) and accompanied by an extensive bibliography - is structured by a short introduction that provides an historical framework of Japan, and then goes through the various periods and schools (from Kamakura Era until reaching Edo Era).

Overall, the nearly 20 pages dedicated to the history of Japan, in which are also reconstructed morphological changes from one type of sword to another according to the needs of the time, provide a smattering for those who approach for the first time to the complex world of Japanese swords, while the more than 300 photographs in high resolution, made by Giorgio Movilli, represent a priceless real photographic journey that narrates the art and history of the Token, that even the most versed on the subject will not want to miss.

Inside there are also several folded pages that, when opened, showing incredible photographs of swords almost life-size.
Surely it is a book that can not miss on the shelves of the lovers of the ancient art of Japan, and for those wishing to enter this world.

Open format: cm 47 x 33,5 ,  296 pages , 6 folded pages openable in 4 faces and rigid cover with glossy plastified paper.

Author: Andrea Saratti, I.N.T.K.
Price: € 82,00
Format: cm 23,5 x 33,5
Language: Italian/English
Federighi Editori

more info at www.intk-token.it

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