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10 December 2018 Author : 

There are many news from We Knife. Many new products have been presented these days.

CIVIVI brand 

Civivi announces the release of the C806 Shard, a small folding knife meant for daily use and easy to carry. Made with an high grade of G10 and Carbon Fibre overlay, ceramic bearings and D2 bladesteel which maintains its edge for a long time, this is a high value package with an MSRP of $ 80

WE 818 Streak

WE 818 Streak is produced with steel liners, titanium hardware/clip, ceramic bearings and M390 bladesteel. MSRP of $170

 WE 819 Drakon

 The Drakon is an amazing folding knife with integral handle. It has a M390 blade steel and titanium integral handle, and is available in 4 varieties. The MSRP of the Drakon will be $375

WE 720 Roxy

 The Roxy is a collaboration with Todd Knife & Tool. It is a sturdy hard use, but small, cutting tool for those who like small blades. It has a M390 bladesteel, a full titanium frame and ceramic ball bearings.

WE 821 Pleroma

The Pleroma is the result of another collaboration with Elijah Isham. The folding knife is a cute integral with a lot of design elements, but usable as well. It features a blade in M390 steel and a titanium/carbon fiber handle. The MSRP will be $350

 Tactical Pen TP-03

The TP-03 is a classy tactical pen made with 6AL4V Titanium. Available in 3 varieties, the MSRP will be $78

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Company website: www.weknife.com

Civivi website: www.civivi.com

The latest News: www.weknife-news.com


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