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Created by the famous knife maker and designer Bob Lum, the Onslaught in the mini version is a very practical and functional tactical folding knife.


Born just over two years ago, the new Russian manufacturer Kizlyar Supreme, in addition to becoming the leading brand in its Country, is also successful in the North European market with its Hi-Tech knives, conceived by a team made up of the union of designers and engineers from Russia, Germany, Australia and Japan.

Biker Z

News on knife market with the entry of Kizlyar Supreme, Hi-Tech next generation knives manufacturer from Russia.

Alpha GTV2

The Alpha, one of the first knives of the Kizlyar Supreme’s tactical series, was relaunched in 2014 with some new features.

Fake Shirogorov

This comparison was made with original F-95 (flipper), with options such as T-pattern, ‘nudist’, and CF inserts.

Fake Extrema-Ratio

Generally many of counterfeit Extrema Ratio's knives are made in Asia but will display the Extrema Ratio name on the blade and say that they are "Made in Italy". The fakes even have fake serial numbers.

Ultimate Knives & Gear

The web-portal focuses exclusively on the world of production and hand made knives from around the world.

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